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Custom Tailoring

Best New York’s tailor makes custom suits for men. Abe’s Custom Tailors ensures you leave with the highest quality wardrobe. You can choose from any fabric and any style, although Abe’s tailor specializes in more fitted suits. And by taking 50 careful and exact measurements, Abe’s Tailors ensures that you are dressed to impress. They use the finest Italian and English fabrics from mills throughout the world.
Call to meet with your own personal style advisor, who will help you choose a custom wardrobe that is both practical and stylish.

Michael Yaguda is tailor-in-residence at this garment center institution. His father “put a needle in his hand “when he was twelve. Sixty years later, Mr. Yaguda is still at it -- altering men’s and women’s clothing. He does all the fitting himself and all hems are hand sewn. Pant hems are made with a special liner so the pant falls properly over the top of the shoe. Pant cuffs start at $17, shortening sleeves begins at $25, and jacket shortening at $65. Alterations can take from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the job. If it’s an emergency, we’ll work with you.

We also specialize in leather alterations. When it comes to altering expensive leather jackets and coats, Abe's Tailors can work magic. The unique qualities of leather make it an ideal candidate for alteration, because you must take into account the natural stretching and aging that it will endure. The nature of your alteration will vary, depending on the type of leather and the area of modification.

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