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Measurement Guide

Measurement Guide

How do I determine which size to order?

Abe’s Formal Wear / Abe's Tuxedo has provided you with a size chart to use as a guideline to determine 
the size of your jacket and pant. Abe’s Formal Wear will assist you in determining the correct size to order with the aid of this helpful guideline.
You already know your sizes if you own a suit of sports coat.
Tuxedo size scales are similar to suit size scales. If you currently own a suit or sports coat, simply look at your current coat to see what size it is... it's that easy. You now know what tuxedo coat size you should wear.Measurement Guide
Tuxedo trousers work the same way. If you have a pair of suit pants, dress pants, or even khakis (NOTE: not tight jeans), you then have a good idea of what size waist you need for your tuxedo trousers.

How to Measure:

1. Height: is the distance from the top of the head to the floor (without shoes). People generally know their height. The height measurement usually determines the coat length.
2. Chest is measured with coat off. Place the tape measure around the fullest part of the chest, keeping it up under the arms, straight across the back, and around the shoulder blades. Insert a finger between the tape and body to insure proper fit. This measurement generally determines the coat size.

Coat Length:      Height:                      

Short . . . . . . . . 5'7" or Less 
Regular . . . ... . 5'8" to 5'11-1/2" 
Long . . . . . . . . 6' to 6'2-1/2"                    
X-Long . . . . . . 6'3 and Over

Coat Sleeve Length


  Total Sleeve

 Sleeve Inseam


31” - 32”

16” – 16 ½”


33” – 34”

17” – 17 ½”


35” – 36”

18” – 18 ½”

Extra Long

37” & over

19” – 19 ½”


Measurements & Fittings
A rule of thumb is that coat is generally 5 to 6 inches larger than the waist. (Example: 32 waist will more than likely wear a 38 coat).


Tuxedo trousers: If you have a pair of suit pants, dress pants, or even khakis (NOTE: not tight jeans), you then have a good idea of what size waist you need for your tuxedo trousers. If not,   simply have your friend/family member take the tape measure and measure around your waist.

     1. Waist: is measured with coat off and around the body. Place the tape measure directly over the shirt, just above the hipbones and over the navel. Insert a finger between the tape and body to insure a comfortable fit. It is helpful to ask the customer if he prefers the waist of his trouser to fit tighter loose and measure accordingly.
     2. Outseam Length: is measured with out shoes. Place the tape measure just above the hipbones and measure down along the side seam to the floor.

There is an additional charge for jackets sizes over 46.

Shirt Neck: 

  1. Measure with color unbuttoned. Place the tape around the neck, and measure at the level of the collar, add ½” for comfort. This measurement is taken for shirt neck size.

Shirt Sleeve Length: 

  2. Forearm should be held at a right angle with the upper arm about   twelve inches from the chest. Place the end of the tape at base of neck at center of the back and measure to shoulder and then around elbow. Leaving the arm in the same position, continue measuring to the wrist join. The measurement at the wrist joins is the shirt sleeve length.

Vest size:
   Vest size is primarily determined by coat size.

Backless Vests Men's

Full Back Vests Men's

Coat Size

Vest Size

Coat Size

Vest Size

35 – 38


36 – 38


39 – 46


39 – 41


47 – 52


42 – 44


53 – 60


42 – 44


62 – 66


50 – 52



Use Fit-Alls for Boy's and Big Men's

Backless Vests Boy's

Backless Vests Big Men’s

Coat Size

Vest Size

Coat Size

Vest Size

3 – 6


34 – 48


7 – 10


50 - 60


12 - 18


62 - 70



    Cummerbunds are adjustable. A standard cummerbund fits a waist size
    27 - 50. "Jumbo" cummerbunds fit waist sizes 50 - 60. (NOTE: Jumbo  
    cummerbund sets are only available in "black")

    Neckwear is adjustable.

Shoe Size:
    Most of our shoe styles fit "true to size." The only exceptions are "The Selector 
    by After Six" or "The Deco by Claiborne." Both of styles run a little large; if 
    you do decide to go with either of these styles, you should consider going 
    with a 1/2 size smaller than what you normally wear.


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